Mythic Kills

Gruul - HPriest PoV

Beastlord - HPriest PoV , BM PoV

Streams during Raids:

Arius - Rogue
Ixi - Mage
Lash - Hunter
Merl - SPriest
Solare - HPriest

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Warlords of Draenor

Magnae Mammae

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work on progression without just copying mainstream guides, such as FatBoss or IcyVeins? You know your class, want to looking beyond metres, and would for example like to use some of the non-standard 'rotational' abilities more than once in a patch? If so, then Magnae Mammae <MM> is the guild for you! We currently have a healthy sized raid team but we always have room for exceptional players - have a look at our recruitment section for more details.

We are an old raiding guild on the EU server Turalyon, battling foes (successfully!) since 2004. While we are by no means hardcore (yes, we do acknowledge the existence of real life), we do take raiding seriously and focus on end-game as a 20man team. However, we have a very different philosophy when it comes to raiding... especially regarding tactics!

Outside of raids, you will find <MM> members engaged in most aspects of the game (sensible and otherwise), for example exploring old content, pvp-ing, pet collecting & battling, solo-ing, tending to their garrisons, playing with train sets, commenting how 'the ship has sailed' regardless of situation, sticking up mage portals to old dalaran... in short, having fun. Also, contrary to popular belief, we do not actaully bite (though some pets might) - we are a friendly, mature and completely sane bunch (well, ok... some are more sane than others!).

Raider of the week

Each week we will introduce you to one of our raiders at random (yes, RANDOM) - you can read all about the others here!

Tyvi - Generally known as 'Ayu', can often be found on his DK heavenly engrossed in pet-battes or, outside of WoW watching anime, reading manga, playing other games (grandmas and cookies anyone?), or mentioning how he should write a WoD version of his MoP EJ Blood DK guide.

Apparently he does actually tank at times (but not in tank gear, of course – that would just be blasphemy) and does a great job (but do under no circumstances let him know, EVER). It is bad enough he already calls members minions and insists on being worshipped… addressing him as ‘his greatness’ works. Just be careful when laying on the sarcasm, would not want to make it too obvious now, would we?

He greatly dislikes ranged classes and has at least one rant a day, yet suffers their existence for the greater good, apparently. It is unclear whether it is ALL ranged, or just the ones in guild... not to mention he has a Warlock alt. AHEM.

While we are certain is German, not much else is known. Apparently he owns one of those old vans with ‘free candy’ written on the side, however, we are 99.99% sure it is not true… but, not 100% sure. On top of that, for all we know, he could even be female: he never speaks on Ventrillo, nobody in guild has met him, only one (shop’d ?) picture exists… but is it Ayu?! If you have any information, do let us know asap – we will pay you in… ermm… ermmm… some grey salvage items and, if it is really valuable information, even in a greenie!


2/10 Mythic


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